After 7-years organizing races, it is with much sadness and disappointment that we announce the closure of IO Events.

As you read this, please know we are working as quickly as we can to continue registration refunds - to date, hundreds of refunds have been issued and we will not rest until we have fulfilled our obligation to our past participants and vendors.

We continue to work diligently in finding new owners for several of our event assets and concepts - and while this has not been easy, we continue to push forward to remedy the situation.

We completely understand your frustration and we certainly wish we would have done things differently. We planned on organizing successful events and closing our doors never seemed like an option - yet that is the reality that kicked us in the stomach.

We hope in time you'll find a way to forgive us for our mistakes and failures - in the meantime, please know we're working on getting this resolved.

If you would like to contact us, please email or (928) 855-4887.

Thank You.


Updated as of 4/01/13.